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Praktika turnstiles












- is more than just a turnstile. Oxgard invites you to the safe and free world of opportunities: from full confidence in the highest quality of production to excellent service and support.


Production of Oxgard turnstiles started in 2004 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Each part of these turnstiles is made of high-quality materials and in accordance with strict standards – as it represents the mission of ourcompany.


We share your point of view on elegance and flawless quality. Our company is well-known for its devotion for combination of elegant design and innovative technologies.


Unmatched design of our turnstiles is not subject to inconsistent fashion. This range can satisfy the most perfectionist taste. Astonishing beauty and the most up-to-date materials are conjoined with exceptional operation efficiency that can justify your expectations.


Perfectly reliable and aesthetically pleasing turnstiles from Praktika line feature a unique “anti-panic” function – automatic release of passage in just 2,5 seconds. It will make you confident in safety of your employees.


Oxgard turnstiles are fully compatible with all access control systems and thanks to this fact they are widely implemented in large number of various administrative facilities, business centers, banks, production plants and trading companies.


Oxgard turnstile is an outstanding example of our quality standards and an attribute of its owner's status.