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Today turnstiles are the main access protection at entrance in office centers. Main turnstile’s duty is to prevent unauthorized access.

Visitors passage

Praktika turnstiles are ideal for organizing the entrance area on the ground floor in the lobby of the building.

Praktika T-01 tripod turnstile has a stylish design, ergonomic body and provides a comfortable passage for visitors. In addition, big LED display with a polished artificial stone lid is settled at the good sight angle and show the state of the turnstile. A patented «anti-panic» function releases the passage in just 3 seconds in case of emergency.

Praktika T-04 or Praktika T-05 speedgates with glass swing doors provide solution with the card reader and glass swing doors as obstructing element. Lane width from 660 mm to 900 mm can provide throughput of up to 30 people per minute and organize free exit from the office center in emergency case, access for people with reduced mobility or VIPs. Several turnstiles set a pass zone when mounted in a row. Remote control panels are supplied per each passage.

Praktika K-01 card collector allows you to implement magnetic cards as pass keys. This model has several significant advantages such as integration with any card readers, easy connection and clear LED display.

Channels for staff

Turnstiles mounting at the offices can solve management problems, including the data on the movement of staff and visitors within the office.

Tripod turnstiles are the most popular. In addition to security level enhancing they are compatible with any access control system and provide time & attendance records for each employee. And the most important task is to prevent unauthorized access to office center.

Praktika T-01 turnstile is compatible with any access control and can solve this problems. It requires just a light touch to rotate arms smoothly and let employees to pass fast and comfortably. Turnstile can be operated by guard remote control and by the access control system. Protection against reverse rotation prevents unauthorized access such as tailgating.

Differentiation of visitors flow

Swing gates and barriers manufactured by Oxgard are used for effective management of the visitors flow.

These systems consist of stands, hand-rails, couplings and swing gates which can be easily configured to meet the needed angle.

Thanks to the modern design and high-quality materials and different versions Oxgard swing gates can be fitted into interior of any office center.

Swing gate with an electric or magnetic unlocking can be used together with turnstile. This solution provide the passage release by simultaneous unfolding of the arms of swing gate and turnstile. Simultaneous release of the swing gate arm and turnstile arms ensures total passage lane of up to 1.5 meters width, depending on the length of the swing gate.

Spring return one-way swing gate also would be a good solution. It is produced in a traditional design and can be opened in the direction of the passage and closed in the opposite direction. One way passage only. The passage direction is set on signage. The dimensions of the swing gate: 1000 mm height, swing arm up to 1 200 mm (PR-12).

Passage can be formed by installing additional barriers. Oxgard barriers perfectly complement with turnstiles and have similar design. Barrier design provides easy mounting and can be easily configured to meet the needed angle.

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