Security and efficiency at airports

Airport operators are looking to maximize the flow of people through their terminals while maintaining high safety standards. Still, passengers, visitors and staff expect these checks to be quick and user-friendly. At the same time architects and planning teams are constantly striving for an open, welcoming look. Turnstiles Oxgard can simultaneously solve all of these challenges.

Passport control and customs system of corridors

It is very important that passengers flow to the registration desks and passport control could be rapid and good organized. Installed security equipment should give an opportunity to set customs corridors and move luggage and load.

In these cases, the best solution is the usage of Praktika T-04 or Praktika T-05 speedgates with glass swing doors equipped with the card reader and glass swing doors as obstructing element.

Passage from the air to the public area

One of the most sensitive aspects of airport security is maintaining the division between the public area and the security area (arrival area). On arrival at their destination, passengers should be able to leave the plane and cross over quickly and easily from the air to the public area. Security regulations stipulate that the flow of passengers should be organized in such a way that no unauthorised individuals can gain access to the arrival area. This problem can be solved by using Praktika T-04 or Praktika T-05 speedgates with glass swing doors.

These turnstiles are compatible with most access control systems and accounting passengers system can be easily installed. It allows for fast, safe passage from the air to the public area.

This system consists of card reader and speedgates with glass swing doors as obstructing element.

Bid LED display with a polished artificial stone lid is settled at the good sight angle. Lane width from 660 mm to 900 mm can provide throughput of up to 30 people per minute. And automatic access system provides an effective barrier to prevent anyone crossing unnoticed from the land to the arrival area.

Channels for airport staff

Every airport has passage control for its staff. These doors are not generally subject to constant staff surveillance and therefore require reliable turnstiles for access control, to prevent unnoticed pass and to prevent abuses among airport staff. Praktika T-01 turnstile can solve this problems.

The ergonomic housing as well as the motor drive provide just light touching to rotate arms smoothly and let the airport employees to pass fast and comfortably. A patented «anti-panic» function ensures safety in case of emergency. These turnstiles have a smart design and do not occupy a lot of space. They are compatible with all types of security systems and provide time tracking for each airport employee.

For access control card readers or validators are applied. Card readers provide access through the turnstile along with differentiation of access rights to the airport staff rooms and objects. Protection against reverse rotation prevents unauthorized access such as tailgating. Turnstiles are made of stainless steel, which guarantees reliability and long life time of the equipment.

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